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275 Slater


About the building

斯莱特275号是一栋20层的办公楼,位于渥太华中央商务区的中心. The building, which was originally built in 1968, 需要大量的资本支出和业务改进, 为LaSalle Canada Property Fund创造机会,提升其可持续发展绩效和整体价值.

Investment rationale

275 Slater位于加拿大首都和第四大城市中央商务区的中心. 它不仅得益于靠近交通枢纽和便利设施, 但也有包括外国大使馆在内的各种租户, industry advocacy groups, professional services firms, and ground-floor food and retail. Occupancy rate has historically been in the 85%-90% range, 展示了该资产在市场上的实用性,以及对想要一个高效CBD位置的租户的吸引力.

LaSalle Canada Property Fund的管理团队认为,275 Slater的高入住率和高租金在很大程度上是因为其可持续发展的表现满足了市场上顶级租户的期望.

Improvement works

LaSalle的加拿大资产管理团队设计了一个多年的资本改善战略, 专注于使资产更加可持续和节能.

Their focus areas were:


自2020年以来,斯莱特每年都获得能源之星认证, with a recent score of 77, placing it in the top 25% of comparable buildings across Canada. 此外,它还获得了LEED白金认证,这是最高级别的认可.


Two skyscrapers and blue sky

275 Slater是LaSalle Canada Property Fund澳门黄金城赌城组合的一部分

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Information about 275 Slater’s ratings and certifications